The what and the who

Sunday CET is a selection of practical observations from the European investment space.

I have started to follow the startup and investment ecosystem in 2004, when I founded my first company, a software house doing on-demand projects in C++, Java and .Net.

Back then, investing in startups in Europe was an exotic thing, and blogs were just starting to become a thing, as Ev Williams sold Blogger to Google in that period.

We’ve come a long way - we’re living very different times now.

These days the European investment ecosystem is more interesting, with (plenty of) more money, new and old actors, emerging business practices and interests coming from all the corners of the old continent.

Year over year it feels different, and it is fascinating to follow a very fragmented and multilingual ecosystem trying to evolve, adapt or invent the future, betting on new stuff and searching for business grounds.

And this context has many stories - stories that we come across and try to keep track of every day.

And hence the purpose of this newsletter - whether you are an investor, entrepreneur or any kind of stakeholder, I hope you will find it worth your time.

I am Dragos Novac and I am the founder of Nordic 9, an intel-focused data platform tracking startup deals from Europe.