Sitemap - 2020 - Sunday CET

crazy pizza unpacking

The one with the small sample.

The one with the wars.

The one that's short and sweet

The one with something new

The one with the fast unicorn.

The one with the Germans pulling another Rocket Internet move.

The one with three Spanish exits and Euro entrepreneurs

The one with Klarna dancing with PayPal

The one with Glassdoor for VCs and the media opportunity.

The one with more questions than answers

Feeding the matrix, investors allstar and Tik Tok in Europe.

Startup equity splits and the Europe/US exit expectations ratio

The one with bad VC behaviour and French looking to dissuade

Does Europe need tech entrepreneurship?

Milk, correlations and alternative funding options.

The one with scooters, Parker points and sustainable urinals.

More grocery delivery and mobility as a service in Europe.

Fintech wannabes, beating 15 min deliveries and the greatest monopoly ever.

Hidden Euro investment gems, online groceries and wine business movies.

Amazon in the Nordics, live festivals vs movie theaters and Apple.

Micromobility breakdown and why founders are un-employable.

Who will spoil the Euro fintech party, retiring to Greece and the Tesla for chickens.

Lots of questions and who is doing the European Harvard for startups

When not to raise VC, why you get passed by investors and a larger Euro context

Why PE beats VC and the new new media consolidation

The disconnect between tech and politics and the invisible hand.

Spanish gems, Swedish horse tech and how much does a CMO make per year.

Entrepreneur First versus business schools, Apple Watch business cases and bad VC behaviour.

Why Europe is not like Silicon Valley, food tech and excitement in the insurance industry.

More money in the market, sports tech, gaming and aggressive M&A.

Bored investors, dirty data and scaling Ben Thompson.

Founders leverage, venture debt and audio-based social networks

US versus Europe, why Euro VCs are fucked and how Americans are thinking about A rounds.

Disruption in the VC industry, company bailouts and platforms vs startup accelerators

Founders and investors sentiment, VCs making less riskier bets and biz life during corona times.

Muddy waters, investors lockdown and practical founders stuff

Investors in limbo, US vs EU in open banking, marketplaces strategy and all about Corona.

The Corona Black Swan edition

VC jargon, student investment funds and business and social etiquette in Paris

Developers salaries, are there any good accelerators in Europe and €10bn+ European companies.

The market for investment research, budgeting for 20 people by city, conflicting deal data and thoughts about menopause.

Media tech in Europe, Europe’s series A funding landscape and more.

What it means to invest with high conviction, most popular and profitable European mobile apps, and startup machoism in Spain.

Spain is hot, American money influence and investors aren’t all that smart

How much salary do VCs earn, the future of on-demand food delivery, Barcelona has declared a climate emergency and what is toxic about the European ecosystem

VC deals overview, most used mobile apps in Spain, tricks, insights and predictions, obstacles for becoming a VC and why multiple geo is important.